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Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Baby shower gift ideas for her ( mum )

1. Educational

Gifts that help enhance and stimulate the mental faculties of a newborn baby are always well received by the mother-to-be. There are several multi media products, namely DVDs and tapes, that provide useful instruction as well as exercises suitable for the first twelve months of the newborn baby. In addition, any educational toys help in the mental development of a newborn baby would also be well recieved.

Other popular gifts, for the mother-to-be, are products that provide up-to-date nutritional information that the mother needs to feed her baby for the first twelve months. These products also normally include safety rules, shopping tips, recipe ideas, and prenatal suggestions.

2. Fun and Humourous
Fun gifts are intended to provide the mother-to-be with some light relief after an otherwise tiring day. These gifts typically comprise humorous prints, poems and samplers suitably framed.

Festive variations of the baby basket comprise a mixture of essential items for the baby and items to pamper the mother to be. Typically these festive baskets contain changing items and baby toys. For the new mum colorful baby themed tissues, bubble bath, and her own box of candies.

One unusual but fun gift is a photo montage. However, you would need baby photos of the parents and grandparents. Just imagine a child photo composed of their parents and grandparents.

An old favorite is stuffed teddy bears. There is a wide range of teddy bears available so one can pick a teddy bear that reflects the mother to be interests or “current state” such as a pregnancy or mother teddy bear.

Themed mini diaper cakes make great baby gifts, and are easy to transport or ship to a gift recipient. Due to their compact size themed mini cakes are an option to bring to the hospital after baby is born. Typically diaper cakes contain disposable diapers, baby burp cloth, baby pacifier clip, baby rattle, baby teether and baby lotion

A count down clock makes for a fun alternative gift. Just a glance and parents-to- be will know how many days, hours, minutes, even seconds remain until that projected date.

3. Personalized

Most standard baby shower gifts such as baby blankets, baby clothing and some baby memorabilia can be personalized. If you are intending to present the mother-to-be with a baby gift basket several outlets now offer a personalization service where the items of the baby gift basket are personalized to your requirements.

4. Practical

An absolutely essential and practical gift is a baby audio or audio and video monitor that allows parents to keep a check on the baby from other rooms.

An unusual present but one which will be gratefully received is a baby travel bed. When selecting a baby travel bed make sure it has a thick, inflatable mattress that cradles baby luxuriously, lifting the baby up off cold floors and hard ground.

5. Sentimental.

If you are looking for an unusual baby shower gift you could consider a crystal gift. Crystal baby shower gifts come both as costume jewelry for the mother to be as well as centre piece ornaments.

No doubt, the mother to be will receive a number of keepsake baby shower gifts. So a decorated archival box for the storage and preservation of baby and toddler keepsakes will make a great baby shower gift. One such product is from Ever Forever Heirloom which contains 18 products to assist in the preservation process.

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